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I think I have Sleep Apnea, what should I do?

To determine if you have sleep apnea, it’s best to setup a consultation with our Greensboro office. Depending on your results, Dr. Fuller may be able to treat your sleep apnea with something as simple as an oral appliance (mouthguard).

Oral appliances advance the mandible and soft tissues to prevent their collapse during sleep which obstructs the airway causing sleep apnea. Oral appliances are comfortable to wear and are very successful in mild to moderate sleep apnea cases. Additionally, basic treatment can be behavioral — for instance, you may be instructed to lose weight, stop smoking, or sleep on your side instead of on your back. For patients with mild to moderate OSA, we find that treatment with an oral appliance is extremely effective.

IF you suspect that your or someone in your family suffer from sleep apnea, contact our Greensboro dental practice, and we can refer you to a sleep apnea specialist if needed. A sleep study may be recommended to diagnose the precise extent of the problem. Depending on your situation, treatment may involve an oral device that we can custom-create for you.

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