Digital X-Rays & CT Scan in Greensboro, NC

Modern  Dentistry  Digital  CBCT  X-Ray  For  Dentistry  In  Greensboro  NC

With the help of modern dental technology, digital x rays allow for

instant diagnosis

Digital  CBCT  X-Ray  Machine  For  Modern  Dentistry  in  Greensboro  NC

Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) allows us to go far and beyond traditional X-Rays. CBCT allows us to produce 3-Dimensional images of your teeth, soft tissues, bone and even nerve pathways in a single scan.

With the latest technology of our CBCT, your digital x-rays can instantly be viewed allowing your dentist and dental hygienist to detect problems easier. These digital x-rays are essential, preventative, diagnostic tools that provide valuable information that sometimes is not visible during a regular dental exam.  We use this information to accurately and safely detect hidden dental abnormalities and complete an accurate treatment plan.  Without x-rays, problem areas may go undetected.

What can Digital X-rays help you find?

  • Root and Tooth positions
  • Cancerous and non-cancerous tumors
  • Decay
  • Bone loss
  • Any abscesses, cysts or any problem that may be below your gum line!