CAD/CAM 3D Printing

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In office dental 3D printing helps to improve the efficiency of forward-thinking practices all over the world. By leveraging existing technologies that exist in digital dentistry, 3D printing enables better responsiveness to our patients’ needs, significantly reduces manufacturing times and opens up new treatment options.


  • Aligners
    • With the use of Thermoforming and CAD orthodontic software, 3D printing allows for the production of affordable aligners that can make your smile perfect
  • Splints/Mouth Guards
    • To help maintain the integrity of restorative and/or preventative work, 3D printing with long-term biocompatible materials allows us to efficiently create occlusal guards that are strong, durable and clear
  • Surgical guides
    • Guided surgery is more accurate, safer, faster, and arguably, more profitable because of the time a dentist can save compared to freehand drilling

  • Dental Models
    • Ability to print accurate before and after models for treatment cases
  • Try-in Dentures
    • Using long-term biocompatible materials, 3D printed try-in dentures display lower shrinkage factors than standard milled dentures