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Dr. Charles Langdon has been a long time Greensboro, NC resident and began practicing dentistry in Greensboro in 1970. Dr. Langdon graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry in 1968 and served in the United States Air Force prior to opening his dental practice in Greensboro. His mission has always been to provide the highest quality of dentistry using the latest advancements in technology. Dr. Langdon’s cosmetic and restorative dental work is second to none and he has proven such throughout his 50 years of practicing dentistry. He is an active member of the Greensboro Rotary and a lifetime member of the American Dental Association and Crown Council.

Dr. Langdon is married to Dr. Sandra Fuller and has two children and five grandchildren all of whom he loves dearly. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, traveling, and babysitting his sweet grandkids.

Greensboro  Dentist  Charles  Langdon,  DDS  Member Of  The  American  Dental  AssociationDentist  Member  Of  Greensboro North  Carolina  Dental  SocietyGreensboro  Dentist  Charles  Langdon,  DDS  Member  of  Crown  Council  Dentistry  In  North  Carolina